We price our service on our wide range of experience, reliability and professionalism. Along with our caring service we offer many extras, see our value below.


Services include

  • Pats, cuddles and care
  • Feeding – Wet & dry food , treats and water
  • Litter cleaning, bowl cleaning and enclosure maintenance
  • Cleaning of swimming pool traps
  • Medication and injections administered
  • Emails while your away letting you know all is well at home


BONUS extras

  • FREE Mail collection daily and store it for your arrival
  • FREE Junk mail disposed of to ensure you appear home
  • FREE Bins in and out for collection on days required
  • FREE Added Home Security. We have a 100% burglar free record for our customers. The greatest part of using our service is Peace of Mind… and its FREE.
  • FREE Play time! until they’re tired


Additional Services

  • Watering plants as required
  • Walking dogs



  • 50% discount – 2 visits per day (second visit). A Surcharge rate applies for national holidays.
  • 10% discount for bookings fully paid for 7 days after booking.
  • 5% discount for pensioners in addition other discounts.
  • 5% for periods exceeding 28 days in addition to other discounts.
  • JOIN OUR VIP CLUB for ongoing member discounts everytime you use All Pets.


Pet’s we cater for

  • Dogs and Cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Birds from exotic large to small common varieties
  • Fresh and saltwater fish
  • Farm animals – horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens
  • Reptiles eg. turtles, snakes and lizards
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rodents


Care specialties

  • Aged care cat and dog care
  • Bird handling
  • Administering medication for arthritic & diabetic pets


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