Benefits of home care

Benefits of home care
Animals like humans love familiarity and the comforts of their home. If you are not home, they at least are in their own territory and they can carry on as usual protecting or just enjoying their environment.


Benefits of our home care include

  1. Your pet is happier at home
  2. More convenient and cheaper than boarding
  3. One stop service for your entire pet menagerie
  4. Increased home security
  5. Reliable service operating 365 days
  6. Consistently servicing local families since 2002
  7. As a small business, you will meet your carer instead of a sales rep.
  8. Great discounts for multiple visits, long term visits, early payments and vip members

Peace of mind

  1. your pets will be happy and cared for
  2. your car will be home
  3. regular mail collection
  4. your bins will go out and back in
  5. your dog will be guarding the house e.g. During the holiday seasons especially, burglars look for a lack of such normal activity as a way to determine which houses to target.
  6. support staff available if needed
  7. recommended by vets, clients and pet stores: read our testimonials
  8. contract provided with rates and service prices at initial consultation

Ideal for

  • When you need a long earned holiday
  • Need to travel for business
  • Emergency situation eg. new baby, bereavement, illness
  • Professional breeders
  • Anyone feeling housebound