About us

About us
All Pets Home Care has been operating since 2002. It was back then when our pet cat Rocky returned from boarding facilities looking depressed, smelling and needing a hug we realised he would be much happier at home. So we asked the neighbours to look after Rocky and found very shortly, it was stretching the friendship. This was due to the fact that while we were holidaying their Christmas plans were being interrupted daily by caring for Rocky. We quickly realised that many other pet owners had experienced similar issues.


So began All Pets Home Care

All Pets are a hassle free home service where all of your pets can remain conveniently and contently in their own environment. There is no need to board your dogs, have the cats visited by the neighbours and the budgie staying with relatives. As All Pets are a one stop service, we provide pet care for ALL your family pets, no matter how big or small, young or old, feathered, furry or scaley.


Animals love familiarity

Animals like ourselves love familiarity and the comforts of their home. If you are not home, they at least are in their own territory and can carry on as usual protecting or just enjoying their environment. All that is needed then is to find a reliable and friendly service. Your pet is always a fantastic indicator as to how trustworthy and friendly a pet minder is likely to be.